Technical Translation

QTC provides solutions for your technical translation needs. We offer confidential, specialized, and technical translations covering a variety of documents which contain specialist terms particular to a branch, trade or industry.

Our technical translation services can cover:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Specifications
  • Operating Instructions
  • Technical Regulations
  • Forms
  • Guidelines
  • Policies
  • Documentation

Research Translation

Our translators pay attention to the terminology, grammar, lexis, and style of your document. QTC can translate your thesis or research into other languages to assure you are making a global impact.

Our proofreading process will ensure that the content is accurate.

Software / Website Localization

Today’s global commerce requires developing a business website that is appealing as well as localized.

Statistics show that most consumers are more likely to purchase items from a website that uses their native language.

We can assist you in presenting the right image, language, and message through your website that can reach out to other cultures.

QTC collaborates with translators and technicians who are capable of producing quality website content for your targeted audience.

Editing and Proofreading

Your reputation depends on accurately translated and proofread documents when you need them.
With our top-quality proofreading and copy editing services, you can rest assured that the target document is error-free and thoroughly checked for accuracy.

Quality is central to the way we work, you can rely on us! Our translations are available in several languages.