• QTC always ensures compliance with the client’s agreement from the initial meeting to the end of the project.
  • Our preparation period covers administrative, technical and linguistic aspects as required for each translation project.
  • Any information shared with QTC remains confidential.
  • During the initial meeting, we will complete a feasibility study to identify your specific needs. (project analysis, linguistic needs, support requirements)
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon with the client, QTC submits a quotation to the client indicating the pricing and delivery details.
  • Issue a client agreement (if needed). The commercial terms and service specifications under that agreement are recorded and include in the following points:
    • Copyright
    • Liability
    • Confidentiality
    • Quality Assurance
  • Any deviation from the original agreement must be mutually agreed upon by all parties.

Negotiating final terms are completed during the initial meeting.  The unit price is always specified and negotiated prior to signing the Client Agreement.  The guaranteed unit price will never change as long as the initial conditions remain the same.

Any discount is applied at the time of the order, or in the Client Agreement.  Discounts may be offered for

  • Client discounts
  • Seasonal discounts

Extra services needed to meet your requirements such as Copywriting or Desktop Publishing (DTP) are included in the initial quote and are identified in the Client Agreement.  You will never see a hidden fee when you choose to work with us!

Each translation project is always supervised by a project manager who is responsible for carrying out the project in accordance with QTC policies and procedures as well as the Client Agreement.

Translators attend to:

  • Knowledge
  • Terminology
  • Grammar
  • Structure
  • Meaning consistent with the original
  • Targeted audience

Editing is completed after the translator completes the initial translation to ensure the meaning of each document is correct.

Reviewers further examine each translation for terminology, cultural syntax, and proper grammar in the target language.

QTC will strive to be the best business partner for your linguistic needs through the following quality assurance process.

  • Translation review/proofreading
  • Terminology verification
  • Spelling, grammar, syntax
  • Copyediting

Quality Management System

Our quality management system includes the following:

  • Processes for monitoring the quality of delivered translation services.
  • Process for handling all information and material received from the client.